Friday, November 04, 2005

Apple, Pear, and Persimmon Saute

i got tired of cluelessly looking at and reading about persimmons this time of year. They're so pretty and yet i have no idea what to with them, so i made this up after buying one at the store. It's a good side dish.

Apple, Pear, and Persimmon Saute


1 med apple, diced
1 med pear, diced
1 med persimmon, diced
4-5 thinly sliced pieces of deli ham (you could substitute prosciutto-- of course!)
1/2 T. butter
1 t. whole grain mustard (like grey poupin)
1/8 t. ground clove
1/4 t. nutmeg
1 t. minced garlic

1. Melt half of butter in pan over medium heat. Add garlic. When garlic started to sizzle, add the ham, shredding it with your hands into several pieces. Stir.

2. After two minutes add the diced apple, pear, and persimmon. Stir.

3. Drop in mustard, clove, nutmeg, and remaining 1/4T. of butter. Stir. Cover pan and let sit for six to eight minutes (apple should be easy to pierce with fork).

4. Sprinkle with salt to taste and serve as a side dish. Enjoy!

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