Friday, August 31, 2007

Raspberry and Vanilla Chill

Day 3, beverage with a buzz

I need a drink.

Okay, the dogs have been crazy all day, I've not had any time to think, read, write, or eat. It is now time for MY dinner and oh, hm, what is this? There is no meat. And while there are eggs, they were due to be thrown out two and a half weeks ago. Lovely. No protein for me. And the dogs STILL won't stop, with no meat, no eggs, no fruit, and barely any veggies, all I can come up with right now is this:

a sweet-ass drink with alcohol that will hopefully make me chill the hell out even if they don't.

Here we go.


Two parts Chambord
One part vanilla ice cream
Three parts Sprite

my drink was a small one, I used a very heaping teaspoon of ice cream, to give you an idea.

Pour Chambord into glass first, then mix ice cream in until it melts, then add in Sprite and mix. Serve over ice if you want. I didn't.

ps. this was pretty good and I was excited because I've never made up a drink before.

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